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The trends are always changing when it comes to web design. creating websitesBeing a web designer means getting ahead of these trends and making sure your business has the best looks and can offer customers the newest designs. Here are a few trends you may want to think about when designing web pages for yourself or as a business.

-Flat Design

One of the new trends in web design is a flat or simple look. This means there is very little clutter on the website in the design area and you are keeping to a simple and elegant color sceme. This way the website looks clean and is easy for readers to understand.

-Unique Typography

This is a trend that will set any website apart. Its taking typography and either creating a custom new type or using a unique typography to create something neat to look at on a website. This can be the heading or it can be integrated throughout the entire website. This creates a unique experience for customers and for the designer as well.

-Scrolling Webpage

This is a good idea if you are your customers want to keep all of the information they are putting on the website in one place. This works well for those that are more informative rather than using a lot of photos in the website design process. This kind of design also helps to keep things looking clean and that makes a large impact on readers.

-Animation Transitions

This is a great way to add flair to the webpage so readers will want to stick around longer and see what other things you have to offer on your website. If you add this, it can be at the homepage or what transitions into the homepage. It can also be how the pages transition to each other. The choice is yours and can make the website a dynamic place for your readers to go.

-Large Photos

ChecklistLarger photos on the homepage help your readers to connect with you and to help them understand what you are trying to say with your website. They also are visually interesting and will help readers to want to know more. You can create a story for your product or service with the photos alone if done correctly.


Videos on a webpage will help engage readers in what you are trying to say. If you have a promo video that tells something about the product or service, you should consider using it in order to get the attention of your website readers or to get the product in front of them. The homepage is a good place to have your videos as well as the product pages.

-Navigation Cards

This is great if you believe the website will be hard to get around in. Navigation cards may be helpful to get your readers from one area to another and back without losing them. When readers become frustrated, they tend to just get off the website they are on and move onto another one they can navigate better. These cards should help readers get to the information they want and keep them on your website.

These are just a few of the trends the web design community need to know about. This way they can create websites that are great to look at and will keep readers coming back for more. No one wants to have a website where the audience will not engage and see what the site is all about. With Dynadot.com, you can create a robust website with a just a few clicks. Their style editor allows you to create a unique site with customizable settings for fonts, colors, transparencies and page configurations. Just click and drag your way to the perfect website.The Best Website builder is with Dynadot, make sure to check them out. Remember this when you are designing so you can create a stunning product for yourself or your customers.

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